Tuesday, 5 November 2013

We're still here!!!

It has been way too long since I last blogged! Adam and I have just been so busy that I just haven't had the time, but I'm going to promise myself to try and blog at least once a week.

So, again because of the business of both Adam and I, it's been a while since I had a proper punishment spanking. I say proper, because yes I do get a few swats here and here for minor things but that infamous list I've been talking about still hasn't been worked through, in fact it's gotten longer!!

I think maybe the longer it's been since my last proper punishment spanking, the more I try to push the boundaries...(which would probably explain how that list is growing)

One thing I've learnt over the weeks is that consistency is key. I think if I don't get regular maintenance spankings, when I do get one, it comes as a bit of a shock and I get annoyed, rather than tying to understand what I'm being punished for.

Secondly if I don't understand what I'm getting spanked for, I'll definitely put up a fight. Adam and I had to talk about this recently because I felt like we maybe needed to set out a way of me understanding what I've done wrong so I can properly accept my punishment rather than think "this guy is actually trying to bend me over this bed right now!!"

Thirdly, I really, really, REALLY need to work on my submissiveness. Again, this probably links back to the inconsistent spankings, but this is definitely something that I need to improve upon.

Finally, I think I need to blog more, it really is a good way of getting all this info out. And on that note I'll blog again soon guys. And I'll update you all when I get my next spanking, punishment or otherwise ;)


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  1. Nice to see you back and blogging! :)
    # MrBBSpanker