Friday, 8 November 2013

Punishment Spanking #2

Hi guys!

I did say I'd keep up with the blogs, so here's the latest on mine and Adam's journey. 

So I've just had my first punishment spanking in some time. It's taken a while but Adam and I came to the conclusion that if we're going to do this, we're going to have to make time for it. 

Now I'd known this spanking was coming all day so the anticipation was crazy. But finally, after all the building up, the moment was upon me.

So Adam starts off my sitting me down and asking me if I knew what I was being spanked for...(of course I did!)...and of course I didn't say that out loud. Then he tells me to lay over the side of the bed with my trousers pulled down and wait for him to come back....after what seemed like hours, he returns with the wooden spoon. 

He starts off by explaining again why I'm getting spanked and then the swats with the hand begin. Honestly in the beginning it felt really good...but then he stopped and I felt the sting of the wooden was a mix of crazy pain and a hint of pleasure. There was no way I was keeping still for that one, no matter how much I tried.

A few swats of that was more than I could bare and I burst into tears...I think the tears were more because of what I had done rather than the pain because I honestly knew I deserved the spanking I was getting. But I think that the punishment had brought up all those feelings that I had disappointed Adam and that was too much to keep in.

It was hard though because even after it was done I found it hard to stop myself from crying. And although all the hugs were there, no amount of telling me it was okay could stop me from feeling upset. It wasn't until Adam told me he loved me and that he wasn't angry with me or disappointed that I felt better.

It took a while to calm down again after all that emotionalness (not a word I know, but it works, right?) but after that all I can think of is how much I love this man and how I never want to feel like I've disappointed him again....soooo I guess the punishment spanking had the desired effect.

Anyway guys, i'm going to go and rest my stinging behind. Hope you're all good and I'll be back soon for an update!


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